Expired Listing Power Package

Expired Listing Power Package
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Expired Listing – Power Package!

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The Expired Listing Power Package includes all the tools you need to begin targeting Expired Listing like a superstar. Completely customizable these documents are delivered in a Microsoft word format and include:

Ten Expired Listing Phone Scripts

What will you say? The biggest fear agents have when calling expired listing homeowners is knowing exactly what to say and how to handle the call. For maximum results try using one of these ten powerful scripts developed by some of the top expired listing guru’s in the country.

  • Direct Approach
  • Direct Approach with Internet Twist
  • Interviewing Agents Approach
  • Helping Hand Approach
  • The “Why” Were You Moving Approach
  • The Lead Off Approach
  • The “Would you Accept “Approach
  • The Open House Approach
  • The Moving Forward Script 
  • The Bad Agent Approach

Expired Listing Letter – Six Pack

  • If You Had to Pick One Reason...Expired sellers want answers, they want to know why their home failed to sell. This letter puts them in the driver seat by tackling this question head on!
  • What Went Wrong? ... Using this letter Expired Listing Guru’s have found enormous success by leading with the question every seller want to know.
  • What if Your Home Had Sold? …Unlock the flood gates with this unique letter that leads with a question that drives to the heart of the seller’s ultimate goal - starting a new life.
  • Homes are Still Selling! … Expired listing homeowners want desperately to believe that they can sell their home. They want hope! This letter offers a new possibility - the chance to sell fast!  
  • Internet Marketing Approach … Designed to engage the client’s curiosity and instantly motivate them to take action this letter has been field tested by Expired Listing Guru’s from around the country!
  • Price, Product, Promotion - Sellers love honesty by giving them real world answers about the core issues surrounding their homes failure to attract a buyer will open the door to a flood of listing appointments

Ten Objection Handling Techniques

You will probably encounter about 10 major objections in your career that you will hear over and over again.  Why not learn the answers and create a new confidence level within yourself.  When you can answer nearly any objection you will have the ability to operate on a new level.  The mega producer level!

  • We’re going to wait until.....
  • We’re waiting until Spring/Summer…
  • We’re going to list with...........
  • We’ve decided not to sell.......
  • We have some buyers interested......
  • I need to talk with......... 
  • I have a friend/relative in the business.
  • I don’t want to pay a fee.
  • I’m going to try it on my own for awhile and then list.
  • I had a bad experience with another agent.
  • I can’t afford to sell if I have to pay a fee. 

Expired Listing Survey

Why did the market reject my home? That’s what expired sellers what to know – but how can you deliver the answers in a way that puts you in a position to become the homeowners next listing agent? Use an expired listing questionnaire! This powerful tool is what expired listing guru’s have been using for years! 

30 Minute Call Back Guarantee

What is the number one compliant about real estate agents? A lack of communication! This is almost always a key reason why a seller is not re-hiring their previous agent. A communication guarantee can set you apart from the competition by helping to alleviate the concern that a seller is only going to get more of the same.

Home Owner Homework

Strong agents educate their clients about what it takes to sell their home. This is especially true when guiding expired listings on how to position their home to sell the second time around. Your sellers need to improve their homes condition to make it “show ready” but how do you tell them what to do in a tactful way? Use this simple form!

Communication Checklist

How often does your new seller client want to be contacted? How do they want to be contacted? What is the best way to demonstrate your level of service? The answer is to use a communication checklist that will identify your seller’s preferences. A communication checklist will help to establish expectations and the stage for success with your new seller clients.

Seller Counseling Questions

Once you have set an appointment with an expired listing how can you increase your odds of success? You need to become a master at asking the right questions at the right time!  To instantly improve your skills try using this powerful list of seller counseling questions as your guide. Top Producer Tip: Don’t be afraid to print the form out and bring it along on your next appointment. Sellers will appreciate your professionalism and commitment to detail.

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